Mandated Reporting

The law requires certain professionals and school officials to report suspected child abuse or maltreatment to the Department of Human Services. The law also assigns civil and criminal liability to professionals who do not comply with their mandated reporting responsibilities.


School professionals and officials are required to report to DCS when, in their professional capacities, they have reasonable cause to suspect abuse or maltreatment or have seen the abuse first hand. Anyone can report and must report any suspected abuse or maltreatment at any time.

Reporting is an individual responsibility and no supervisor, division head, or administrator may interfere with the individual reporting responsibility. Nor may a mandated reporter be absolved of responsibility by relying on an all employees; including teachers are required to report the following:


Physical Evidence: If an employee obtains physical evidence or witnesses a child being physically abused on school property, he is to report information to DHS immediately.

Employees may keep the source of the evidence anonymous. If staff personnel deem an individual is unable to transport a child, the school should not release the child to that person. Staff should contact the parent, guardian, or other authorized adult immediately, and contact law enforcement as deemed necessary.


Reporting Number DCS 1-877-237-0004

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