Returned Check Charges

Power And Grace charges $35 for each returned check. Anytime a returned check is received, a cash payment, cashier’s check or a money order in the amount of the returned check plus the $35.00 returned check charge is required within five (5) business days. Failure to do so may result in the student being required to withdraw from a program or school until the required payment is made.

Refund Policy/Registration Fee/Book Fee/Technology Fee

The registration fee, book fee, and technology fee is non-refundable and non-transferable from one student to another or from one school year to another.


Tuition is non-transferable from one student to another or from one school year to another. Tuition is non-refundable unless one of the following criteria applies:

  • If withdrawal occurs before the first day of school, there will be a 100 percent refund of any tuition money paid.

  • After school starts refunds will be given for withdrawal occurring before the beginning of a quarter.

  • When a student withdraws from Power And Grace (for any reason), a letter of explanation is required to request any refund which applies.


Withdrawal of a student during a quarter, including dismissal, will result in forfeiture of tuition paid to Power And Grace Preparatory Academy and will not negate the obligation to pay Power And Grace any outstanding tuition.

Student Withdrawal


The following procedures should be followed when a student withdraws from Power And Grace for any reason.

  • Notify the principal's office in writing of the exact date of withdrawal as soon as possible. A Student Check Out sheet will be completed reflecting the last date of enrollment. 30 day notice, at minimum, is preferred.The sheet will be circulated to all areas required (teachers, library, lunchroom, business office, etc.) for completion.

  • For voluntary withdrawal, write a letter informing the school of the reason for withdrawal. Please include a forwarding address and the next school the student will be attending, if possible. 30 day notice, at minimum, is preferred.

  • Arrange an appointment with the Principal's office to review the Student Check Out sheet and sign the form. All fees must be paid as required by Power And Grace and the check out sheet signed by a parent or legal guardian before a student is considered officially withdrawn. No records will be released or applicable refunds issued until this step is completed.

  • Request any applicable refund in writing. The request may be submitted in a separate letter or included in the notification of withdrawal letter. Allow up to four weeks for refund checks after withdrawal is complete.

Please note: The refund policy is clearly stated above and on the Enrollment Contract and is determined by the Board of Directors. Even when a refund applies and a student is enrolled for any time during a quarter period, tuition is due through the end of that quarter.

Record Changes


It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to notify the school office of any change of name, medical condition, address, phone numbers (home, work, or cell ), email address, job or insurance company.


Privileges Reserved


Power And Grace reserves the right to use any student photos for publicity purposes, including those photographed or videotaped during the course of school activities. These may be used in promotional and/or advertising materials, including video and still photos on the school website. Discretion will be used.


Parent-Teacher Conferences


Parents are encouraged to contact the school to arrange parent-teacher conferences before or after school. The principal will be involved if requested by the parent or teacher, or as deemed necessary by the administration. We kindly ask that conference requests and related calls be made after 8:30 a.m. This will leave the lines open for absentee calls and emergencies. Yearly parent-teacher conferences will be announced.

Lost or Damaged Property


Families must pay in full for any property (books, furniture, buildings, etc.) which a student loses or damages. To receive a refund of monies paid for a lost book, the book must be returned in good condition within 30 days after the last day of school in the current school year.

Students must pay for any Power And Grace property stolen from them while in their possession. Power And Grace will not be responsible for lost or stolen articles belonging to a student.

Transporting Students To and From School 


Parents transporting students to and from school should comply with all "drop-off and pick-up" rules. These rules ensure safety and expediency. Designated times, places and rules will be made available at the beginning of each year along with the necessary rules for accomplishing the task. Names and pertinent information of persons authorized to pickup must be supplied. Students will not be released to anyone under 18 years of age.


State Law requires your child be brought into the facility and the child's parent, guardian or other previously designated adult is required to sign the child both in and out of school each day. (Pre-Kindergarten students)


Illnesses and Emergencies 

Parents should call the school regarding student absences as early in the school day as possible. If a student comes to school and is found to have a fever of ≥99.7°, the student will be sent home. When a child is ill, we would appreciate it if you please be considerate of the other children in the class and not bring your child to school.


For the well-being of your child and his/her classmates, DO NOT bring your child to school if he or she:

  • Has a fever or has had one during the previous 24 hours

  • Has diarrhea

  • Has a cold

  • Has a nasal discharge

  • Has a constant cough

  • Is fussy, cranky, and generally not acting like he/she normally does

  • Is vomiting in the morning prior to coming to class

  • Is not well enough to play outside

  • Has been on medication less than 24 hours

  • Has symptoms of a possible communicable disease

Please notify the school if your child has a communicable disease. After a child has had a communicable disease such as chicken pox, pink eye, impetigo, etc., he/she will be readmitted to school only upon written approval of the attending physician.



Other than parents, we have a general "no visitor" policy at Power And Grace. If you come on campus during the day, you must check in at the Office and obtain a visitor's badge. Any unauthorized visitors will be asked to leave campus.


Emergency Procedures 


In the event of an emergency, all Power And Grace Preparatory Academy staff will ensure all children are safe and away from harm. If a child is unable to walk a staff member will carry the student(s) to safety. All teachers and staff members have copies of the emergency incident plan put in place for Power And Grace and take it with them during any practice drills.



The curriculums are AbekaScott ForesmanLarry BellWordly WiseACSI (Association of Christian Schools International), Computer Curriculums: ixl.com, Starfall, Education.com.


We use the following assessment tools: Weekly test, Brigance ScreeningsStanford 10 Assessment.


After Care curriculum: Second Step, STEAM curriculum: Rozzy, Spanish Language Curriculum (Teachers Pay Teachers & ixl.com & TN Dept. of Ed. TNCore Standards), Music Appreciation: Abeka & ACSI, Bible Curriculum: Abeka, ACSI (KJV of the Bible)




Homework is important to the success of all students. A homework folder and assignment sheet will accompany students Monday - Thursday. Homework workshops for parent/guardians will be announced. Homework is a partnership between Teacher - Parent - Student.


Weekly Chapel/Morning Assembly 


Chapel is designed to inspire students of the teaching of God's word that is age appropriate. Chapel will take place each Wednesday. Time TBA. Chapels will be conducted by PaGPA board chairman, principal, teachers, and invited community believers and supporters of our school's mission.


Morning Assembly will take place Monday - Friday. Morning assembly is student led and plays an important part in setting a positive tone for the start of each day.

Dress Code

The Dress Code listed below is a school-wide policy for all grades. Power And Grace stresses the Biblical standard of modesty (Romans 12:1), the expectation of a neat and clean appearance, and a Christ-like attitude. Student manner of dress should not detract from the school‘s mission and values. Dress and appearance have a direct influence on the learning environment. Dress is often related to the attitude and demeanor of students in their campus relationships and in their communication with faculty and staff. Students must adhere to the school dress code at all times while on campus. Students must be sure to dress modestly while at school functions off campus.


Parental review before a student leaves for school is an important contribution to meeting dress code standards.


Power And Grace requires students to wear uniforms.

  • Boy and Girl students must wear black or brown shoes. No boots are permitted. Lace up or Velcro shoes are permitted. Tennis shoes should be worn during recess or physical education.

  • Boys must wear belts in grades kindergarten - 5th grade. (Black or Brown)

  • A change of clothing that is a similar to the official uniform must be furnished for students Pre-kindergarten 3 years & 4 years and kindergarten students.

  • Official uniforms should be worn by all students. 

Uniforms may be ordered through French Toast. Download the PDF to read uniform details and ordering instructions.


Dress Code Standards

  • Clothes must not have holes (either deliberate design in the clothing or obvious tears). Ripped, frayed, or cut off clothing may not be worn. Covering the hole or tear with tape is not sufficient.

  • Proper footwear is to be worn at all times for safety purposes. Slippers are not allowed. Power And Grace requires closed toed shoes to be worn at all times.

  • Any clothing, jewelry, backpacks, binders, book covers, etc., with logos, slogans, pictures promoting drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sexual imagery, or anything that is contrary to Christian standards may not be worn/brought to school.

  • Body piercing or tattoos (permanent or not) are not allowed. Students are to refrain from body piercing while attending Power And Grace with the exception of pierced ears for girls.

  • Hair should be neat and clean. Length (for boys) should be no longer than the top of the shirt collar in the back, not below the earlobe on the side, and not be below the eyebrows in front. Extreme or odd styles or colors are not allowed. (determined by the principal)

  • Hats and hoods are not to be worn inside buildings. Caps or beanies may be worn outside during cold weather.

  • Sunglasses must not be worn indoors.

  • Drawing/writing on one self or others is not permitted.

Activity Dress Code


Students that attend school-related activities (i.e., field trips, campus visits, etc.) that are taken during school hours must be in school uniform. If the activity requires the wearing of something other than the school uniform, prior authorization from the school administration is required. Students that attend activities after school hours (i.e., games, competitions, etc.) do not have to be in school dress code; however, all clothing must be modest and appropriate, and must meet the same criteria as properly fitted school dress code guidelines.


Accessories must still meet the guidelines for dress code (i.e., shoes, hair, jewelry, etc.) Yoga pants, short shirts and short shorts, halter tops, and spaghetti straps are not permitted.

Snow Days

When CMCSS has a cancellation due to snow, Power And Grace will do the same. The abbreviated school day will be a two hour delay from the normal start time and dismiss at regular time. Listen to the local TV stations (News Channel 5) for notice of abbreviated day or cancellation. If school is canceled, we will announce later if a make-up day will be required.


Standards of Conduct/Behavior Code 


Power And Grace holds high standards of behavior and conduct for all its students. We have a fundamental statement of faith and a general, conservative philosophy of education. Power And Grace must, therefore, provide an environment conducive to the spiritual growth and development of young people who are not yet mature Christians.


A standard of conduct based on the following Biblical imperatives is necessary to provide such an environment. All of the activities of the Christian must reflect the glory of God Who indwells us (I Corinthians 8:9, 12-13, 10:32). The Christian will endeavor to be sensitive to the spiritual needs of the world and to other Christians — physical, mental or spiritual well-being (I Corinthians 9:27).

I. Standard of Conduct

A sense of the need for spiritual growth in the light of these principles has led Power And Grace to adopt the following standards. These are conducive to the environment that will best promote the spiritual welfare of the student. The school, therefore, requests each student, whether at home, school or elsewhere:

  • To refrain from the use of swear words, using indecent language; from stealing, or being involved in any other activity which would dishonor Christ or the Christian reputation and honor of Power And Grace.

  • To maintain Christian standards of morality, honesty, courtesy, and kindness.

The selection of the restrictions mentioned in this pledge may appear arbitrary to some, but, while not condemning others who see differently, Power And Grace believes that these specific types of conduct are detrimental to the standards established as its objective.


Students are expected to abide by these standards throughout their enrollment, whether at home, school, or elsewhere. Students found to be out of harmony with the Power And Grace ideals of work and life may be invited to withdraw whenever the general welfare demands it, even though there may be no specific breach of conduct.


In this atmosphere of definite and positive Christian standards, professional scholastic planning and genuine personal relationships between faculty and students, there is fine opportunity for the development of strong Christian character.

II. Behavior Code


The following policies are designed to promote the best possible learning environment in the classroom and to instill the importance of accepting authority and responsibility in each student. Each student is required to be obedient and respectful to the authority of the school staff and to address each staff member with "yes, sir," "no, sir," "yes, ma'am," and "no, ma'am." Discipline is the primary responsibility of the teacher.


Generally, common sense should guide all behavior. However, the following will not be tolerated at Power And Grace and may be grounds for suspension or expulsion:

  • Leaving class without permission or staying away from class without permission.

  • Use of profane language or lying.

  • Disrespect toward teachers or other students.

  • Refusal to obey a teacher, administrator, etc.

  • Fighting, rough play or possession of a knife, club, stick or any such instrument which could conceivably be used as a weapon.

  • Flammable materials such as matches and lighters.

  • Destruction of property (school or others).

  • Stealing.

  • Biting is not tolerated. A conference with the parent and teacher will be called upon the first two instances. The student will be dismissed upon the third instance.

  • Bullying (Cyber, Physical, Verbal, or Mental) will not be tolerated.

  • Hitting (with hand or object) or kicking another person is not tolerated.

  • Any other activity not included in this list that is deemed inappropriate by the school administration/ principal.

III. Disciplinary Policies

Discipline is an essential teaching part of the classroom and is not viewed as punishment. Discipline is used to help children learn self-control, to help develop their self-esteem and a regard for and acceptance of others in the classroom.


Discipline will be consistent and age appropriate. Discipline will include positive guidance, redirection, and clear limits that encourage the child's ability to become self-disciplined. When redirection is not working at a particular time for a child, time out will be employed. (Time out is a non-solitary separation of one child from the group.) Discipline will guide the children to resolve conflicts and will model skills that help children to solve their own problems.


Guidelines for Special Holidays 




Power And Grace does not celebrate Halloween.




Emphasis will be on the first Thanksgiving and the many things for which we are thankful: family, religious freedom, health, food, etc.




Emphasis will be on the Birth of Christ. The Christmas story will be read out of the New Testament, or the Abeka material. If Santa Claus comes up in the classroom, questions will be directed to parents.


Valentine's Day 


Friendship, including friendship with Jesus, is emphasized. Students should give valentines to each student in the classroom.



The Resurrection of Jesus will be stressed. Bunnies, eggs, etc., if used, will be used to teach the Resurrection story. Eggs may be used to teach about new life in Christ, etc.


End of the Year Parties


Please communicate with the teacher or director regarding end of the year parties.


Dress code is in effect at all parties.


Health Services Program




All students are strongly encouraged to have a physical examination before school starts each year.


Upon initial admittance to Power And Grace, all physical limitations (if any) are noted and if continuous medical care or medication is required for the student, arrangements are made in accordance with the need and/or doctor's (parent's) wishes. This notation then becomes a part of the student's record.




Immunization records are on file for each student and teacher. Teachers are always alert for physical problems which may arise and immediately report these to the office. The parents are then promptly informed so that proper medical attention may be rendered if needed. PaGPA does not have licensed medical personnel on campus. If a student needs to take medication during the day, the parent must sign a medication instruction form and leave the medication with the appropriate office.


When a student has a serious medical condition that may require emergency treatment, parents will be required to sign a release of liability agreement.


Accidents are attended to by the teacher on duty. First aid is applied if needed. Parents are then notified immediately and an accident report form is filled out. A copy is given to the parent for the doctor (if necessary), and a copy is filed.




Prescription medications and instructions should be left in the school office marked with the correct information such as the student's name, dosage, physician, and time to be given. A "Permission Form for


Prescribed Medication" must be on file in the office. Any changes in administering the medication must be presented in writing as instructions from the physician or copy of the prescription. The school does not provide over the counter medication. Students need to bring their own over-the-counter medications to the office with a note from a parent stating the type of medicine, dosage, and time to be given.


Prescription or over-the-counter medication cannot be left with student or dropped off in before or after care program. Prescription medication including inhalers for asthma should not be kept in the child's back pack, should be checked in at the office with the directions on how it is to be administered.


If a physician has prescribed a student Ritalin (or a Ritalin type drug), if a student is required to take the prescribed dose while in school, it is required that parents agree to adhere to this policy as a criterion for admission.

Age Criteria

Chronological age is not the sole criteria PGPA uses in grade assignments. More importantly is the proper placement of a student in a developmentally appropriate grade level. Social maturity plays a factor in our grade placement as well as previous academic record. Entrance screening will further provide necessary placement information.

  • Pre-Kindergarten 3, student must be three (3) on or before June 1st.

  • Pre-Kindergarten 4, student must be four (4) on or before August 30th.

  • Kindergarten, student must be five (5) on or before September 1st.


Personal Technology

Students are not permitted to bring cell phones or tablets to school. Students will not be allowed to check social media accounts during the school day, nor in before or after care. Please keep all electronic devices at home.

Mandated Reporting

The law requires certain professionals and school officials to report suspected child abuse or maltreatment to the Department of Human Services. The law also assigns civil and criminal liability to professionals who do not comply with their mandated reporting responsibilities.


School professionals and officials are required to report to DCS when, in their professional capacities, they have reasonable cause to suspect abuse or maltreatment or have seen the abuse first hand. Anyone can report and must report any suspected abuse or maltreatment at any time.


Reporting is an individual responsibility and no supervisor, division head, or administrator may interfere with the individual reporting responsibility. Nor may a mandated reporter be absolved of responsibility by relying on an all employees; including teachers are required to report the following:


Physical Evidence: If an employee obtains physical evidence or witnesses a child being physically abused on school property, he is to report information to DHS immediately.


Employees may keep the source of the evidence anonymous. If staff personnel deem an individual is unable to transport a child, the school should not release the child to that person. Staff should contact the parent, guardian, or other authorized adult immediately, and contact law enforcement as deemed necessary.


Reporting Number DCS 1-877-237-0004

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